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Emergency Medical Assistance and Repatriation

We at Mayday Assistance provide a continuous, and uninterrupted, around the clock emergency help-point dedicated to providing guidance and advice for travellers in need of medical attention.

With a team of university-educated multi-lingual staff, fluent in all major European languages, we are able to communicate vital information to policy holders and medical professionals effectively and efficiently.

At Mayday we aim to answer all medical inquiries within 20 seconds and assign your claim to a dedicated member of staff who will remain, whenever possible, the same point of contact throughout the life of any case.

We have our own in-house medical team, headed up by our Medical Director Dr Peter Sagar, comprised of a Head Nurse/ Paramedic Practitioner, Nurses and specialised Paramedics.

At Mayday Assistance, we deal with all cases in line with the principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and will always be guided by industry best practice in every situation.

Our diverse team of professionals are passionate about providing best in-class specialist travel emergency services, whilst working always to deliver best value for money.

With longstanding partnerships with cost containers in the most popular destinations across the globe, our 24-hour medical emergency assistance service is uniquely positioned to consider cost and negotiate best price.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable group of professionals, both to industry counterparts and your clients alike.

Mayday Assistance specialises in providing bespoke services to our clients and your policy holders, working in as diverse markets as tourist/business travel, private health, back-packer and the military. We are particularly adept at managing travellers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Operational Office

Our operations office is based in the UK and provides emergency medical advice and assistance to travellers in all major European languages. Our linguistic capability enables us to manage your customer's emergency assistance without delay whilst ensuring that claimants are provided with a decision on cover as soon as possible.

Notification of Cases and Large Losses

Using our custom-built claims-handling system, we are able to notify business partners of incoming cases and large losses in real-time.

Once a case has been received, our operational staff will procced to verify the claimant’s policy, enter a reserve and submit a notification to nominated parties by secure e-mail. Reserves will be actively monitored throughout the case management process and when a case becomes a large loss the relevant high cost notification will be completed.

Alongside our claims system we have an online portal that allows our business partners to view, as and when desired, on-going and archived claims.

Medical Case Management

Our medical case management system can differentiate between cases of varying severity and highlight those which require increased supervision. Using a traffic light management facility, our patient management system ensures that critical response issues can never be overlooked. All cases involving patients deemed seriously ill/injured are escalated and reviewed by our Medical Director.

In instances where translation is necessary, our Medical Team will always direct and supervise our operational staff in the acquisition of essential information. Our operations team are also able to translate medical reports and facilitate conference calls which may involve doctor-to-doctor or nurse-to-doctor communications.

Mayday Assistance does not provide its operational staff with scripts so as to ensure that all possibilities are considered when managing a particular case.

International Repatriation

Mayday Assistance carries out escorted and non-escorted medical repatriations worldwide on behalf of our business partners and can also undertake private international repatriations of our own. With our in-house Medical team and Operations staff working closely together, we are able to provide the safest and most cost-effective return for your policy holder.

Using our ever-expanding global network, we are able to source nurse and paramedic escorts, arrange ambulances, taxi transfers, ticketing and all other ancillary needs.

Management Information

Our standard monthly report provides Management Information based on our customers’ needs. We are able to provide the following:

• Call Statistics – Number of calls lost, average calls answered times;

• Case Volumes – These are provided automatically at the end of the month, providing claimants’ details, claim type, estimated reserves, incident country, etc;

• Bordereau Reports – Mayday holds several floats on behalf of underwriters and on a monthly basis provides a detailed report of costs incurred on cases that have been settled from their client funds.

We strive to meet individual business requirements and are able to provide additional reports if desired. Our medical case management system is also accessible via a web- portal for you to view and download documents and information at any time.

Cost Containment

With a truly global reach, Mayday Assistance has agreements with cost containers worldwide which carry out medical audits and negotiate with providers to ensure that policy terms and limits are enforced.

Our most effective cost containment method is to direct your insured to state facilities within the EHIC and to send a temporary EHIC certificate to the state facility involved if necessary. As a matter of course, we request the transfer of patients from private medical facilities to the state providers within the EHIC area, provided that it is medically safe to do so. This also applies to Australia and all other countries that have reciprocal agreements with the UK government.


We offer a translation service to our business partners and private clients and we also have in-house transaltors for the following languages; French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


Mayday Assistance provides a UK and international payment network, float management and Bordereau reporting services. Our Finance Team work within several different agreed models for invoicing our customers to ensure that their particular needs are met. We look forward to offering the same facility to all our new business partners.

At Mayday, we are constantly innovating and seeking new ways of improving our service to you. We are open to discussions regarding any new business proposals to broaden and extend our organisation further.

All calls to and from Mayday Assistance are recorded in an effort to establish the existence of facts.